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  1. Congratulation!
    When you had been winnning in Olimpic game it amazed me.I was fascinated your 3 gold medals and 3 world rekords.
    It was great.
    By the way it was 14 years ago but it was the best I had ever seen in Winter Olimpic game- speedskater ompetition with you was unbelievible.
    I am misionary may be I could see you during special situation.
    Thank you God for such good sportsmen.

    Best regards.
    I wish you the best achivements in your future.
    Łukasz Bieroński.

  2. hello i`m lovisa koss my dad is robert koss i believe you know him. we live in sweden, in skellefteå. =)

  3. Hi Johann,

    Saw you on dutch TV this night. Is was a programm about the Elfstedentocht, way back in 1997. Nice to see, that you enjoyed the 200km tour.

    By the way, what a beautiful country you live in!

    Best regards,

    – Wilfred Smit –

  4. Does anybody know whether the book the Effect of Johann is also published in English? I would love to have it!

  5. Dear Mr. Koss,

    I saw you in Ain al-Hilweh a couple of days ago.
    We from Sumud really enjoyed the party in the UNRWA-school!
    Right now I am planing to run a football project in the refugee camp.
    I am looking forward to hearing from you, perhaps there is possibility to work together somehow.


  6. hello
    i’m from canada and i just want to tell you that what you are doing is amazing. im doing a project on you. i am a short track speed skater and i would like to try long traking

  7. dear johan,
    I’m happy you’re so engaged!! really great..
    greetings from Inzell

  8. Hy Johan the rayon mannegers of the elfstedentocht are having a meeting tonight can we count you in if it goes on?!! I think this week or next week!! See you in Leeuwarden!! Kind regards Nico Noort

  9. Hi Johan, the ‘Elfstedentocht’ is coming again in the Netherlands. Will you join it for the second time? Would be fun…

  10. Hi Johann, I’m very interested in partnering with Right to Play. Let the frisbee be the ball next year and let me show you and all the coaches how to play the ‘frisbee guy’ way.

    I wish to join the movement!

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