Johann Olav Koss wins st Moritz award

The St.Moritz Award is an effort to reward people who constantly strive for excellence in their lives and careers. They should be doing this while displaying a commitment to humanitarian and social concerns.

Johann Olav Koss is one of the 2011 winners:

Johann Olav Koss is one of the winners of the St. Moritz Award 2011. The Organising Committee of the 1994 Winter Olympics originally founded the Right to Play organisation in Lillehammer in 1992, as a purely Norwegian organisation. The speed skater and four-time Olympic winner Johann Olav Koss urged other athletes to make donations. He played a decisive role in internationalising the organisation, which he now serves as President. Right to Play seeks to give every child the right to play. It offers children the opportunity to become members of society, regardless of their gender, disability, ethnic and social background or religion. Right to Play’s programmes of play and sport help children and young people to participate in regular play and sporting activities. Thus they learn social skills such as fair play, respect and tolerance. They live appropriately for children, overcome trauma and experience joy and moments of happiness.

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