Olympics 1994

johann olav koss skatingOn February 20th, 1994, Johann Olav Koss had the highlight of a great speed skating career. He won the 10,000-m race in the Winter Olympics at Hamar, Norway. He beat his own world record set in Heerenveen with almost 13 seconds to 13 minutes and 30.55 seconds. This was already his third world record in eight days. He improved the world best time for the 5000 m to 6 min 34.96 sec and the 1500 m to 1 min 51.29 sec.

The 10,000 m was without doubt the most impressive world record of the three. “I had hoped to beat the world record, but never dreamed I would do it by so much. It took quite a while afterwards to understand fully what I had achieved.” He said about his race. His openings laps “actually scared me a bit. (…) I did not conscientiously use extra power at the outset. I was just gliding. It was fantastic.” The 12000 supporters in the sold out arena including Norway’s Crown Prince Haakon Magnus, helped him to reach that extraordinary level. “It’s only once in a lifetime that you experience such an atmosphere, such good ice and, at the same time, be in such good form,” said Koss.

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